“I finally could have a break, after a long journey, now, in a place where I exactly want to be…”

I studied mechanical engineering, dealt with engines and cars for years, then I did something for myself : I decided to be a photographer..

Taking pictures is my way of touching life and my way to exist.. I try to deliver every moment I catch to its own place in the pages of time. I believe that everything in life is a kind of reflection. I try to understand life and make people happy by following these reflections.

Education & Trainings :

· Muammer Yanmaz 40 Haramiler – Fundamentals of Photography (8 weeks)

· Muammer Yanmaz 40 Haramiler – Professional Photography (8 weeks)

· PWS Yervant Zanazanian Wedding Photography Seminar (2 days)

· Ayça Oğuş – Birth&Natal Photography Workshop (1 Day)

· Ayşegül Çetinel Beceren – Newborn Photography Workshop (1 Day)